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HR & Project Management Services

Project and Team Management

Gone are the days when a project team consisted of a close-knit group of workers in the same location all closely monitored by supervisors and their project manager. We know that with the employees working from different locations, at different time zones, it can be challenging to manage a team for a project. 
Our team is here to give you full support while working with the project throughout the project life cycle. We take complete responsibility from documention the process, contributing team's oveall performance, presenting possible solutions to the managers, keeping the project progress transparent to completing the assigned project deliverables and meeting all requirements.


Business Process & Operations Management

Are you facing challenges when embarking on digital transformation? Do you have insufficient business processes, lacking in technical debt or resources? We are here to help you improve your business performance and meet continuous quality improvement initiatives.  We set up the Alert monitoring of all SAP systems for an IT operations and transition from a reactive to proactive. Dashboard alerts and status are reported based on key performance thresholds values. Our business liners use the BPO dashboards and queries to measure performance, ensure KPI are being met and being proactive to prevent potential delays. We have well- skilled team who detect problems at the initial stages, using the trending analysis of business key to figure out the performance and validate data consistency between different data targets(SAP to non-SAP databases).

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