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IT Services

End-End Software Development

Most common challenges when it comes to end-end software development are Lack of Clarity About Requirements, Inaccurate Cost Estimation, Release Delays, Lack of Quality Assurance, Micromanagement and at most Refusal to Share Responsibility. Are you looking for someone to help you with these things? 
Our team is very transparent throughout the process, right from designing concepts and planning the product development to lauching the software. Our team fundamental is to understand target audience and their problems and how to bring in the desired outcomes.  The entire process is planned and created with organized teams, established deadlines and clarified goals.


Cloud Migration Implementation

Are you struggling to keep pace to drive effective collaboration and communication with limited success? Code Acuity, comes with modernized mission to consider and address to maximize the chances of a successful cloud mitigation.  Our team works to establish the migration-architect role, and choose the level of cloud integration. They bring in cloud KPIs, performance baselines, prioritize data-migration plan and components. Our team performs necessary refactoring if any and review application resource allocation. 

Data Lake Implementation

Are you falling back on tried-and-true methods for updating technology architectures—for instance, engaging in long, drawn-out internal discussions about optimal designs, products, and vendors and holding off on building a data-lake solution? 
A data lake's workflows should ensure that no data is discarded based on business analysis for a time period. Our team takes up the challenge to play with the unstructured or semi structured data. We implement data lake solutions such way that it provides the business end-users ease of use to get their desired outcomes like search,  explore and run their analysis as they do in a very traditional way with no big learning curve. 

Splunk Implementation

Do you need help to search, monitor, and analyze machine generated data via a web style interface? Our Splunk implementation team provides best services and guides to assist with the entire deployement including virtualisation sizing, configuration, indexes, search heads, deployement server, replication and clustering. Our team is well-trained with the services that include the implementation of premium apps, Splunkbase apps as wel as other third party apps and data inputs. 


Business Intelligence Implementation

Do you have a strategy for your business? Are you sure it’s the right choice? We have team that has the ability to plan a business intelligence implementation for a highly C-level executives and their departments in understanding processes and results.Our team focus more on outsourcing BI implementation and has the ability to create business intelligence strategy, set the key performance indicators, appoint stakeholders and  find the best software for the requirements and how to choose data storage, environment, and platform. With the data in hand, team is highly-skilled to finetune the data and consider advanced solutions and implement the PoC or pilot project 

Salesforce Implementation

Organizations globally are struggling hard to streamline their sales cycle and accelerate revenue growth in today’s post-covid business landscape. Are you facing the same? 
Our team is dedicated in planning and bring the right approach towards Salesforce implementation services which includes a wide range of solutions including setup, configuration and customization. Our team is well efficient in defining a goal with a detailed work plan and timeline of project, modify the default capabilities of salesforce and to develop with any exsisting code also work on integrations and migrations of existing data. 

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