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Have you dropped a pin to mark your identity in this Global Market Employment?

Updated: Feb 8

A lot of us work in a company, right after we complete our studies or even during. Our first company always remain close to us no matter how many formidable hurdles we face. Because we learn much more about Technology, than what we know from our colleges. Technology has no end; we can already see our future IT World. But we fail to see our own future selves in it. We tend to get comfortable in a place and often resist to explore. We are living in a world full of opportunities. Many Companies and Countries are looking for a great talent. Are you even aware of the fact that you are wanted by this fast-forwarding IT world? Considering focusing on exploring this world of opportunities. Now may be the time to strike out beyond your current company and country. The new you want to grow in new ways and new places.

“In an era where, upskilling is a day-to-day activity, we should be able to upskill and retrain talent that we already have and exhibit career progression. ”

All of us have grown up knowing that scores don’t define us, but we live in a world where Jobs define us. Because, here no one can stop you from achieving what you want, neither one can put you in a place you don’t want to stay. I’m not asking you to get competitive with others, but YOU! Express your talents and contribute to the IT world. In an era where, upskilling is a day-to-day activity, we should be able to upskill and retrain talent that we already have and exhibit career progression. Through our career progression, we are exhibiting our potential and that we are technology enthusiasts.

We have seen generations that worked on one same thing, every day, for 30 years of their lives. But we don’t belong there. We see people moving to different states and countries for employment. The employment market is huge now, nothing like we can imagine. Stretch yourselves to a new role, new company, new country. We have huge platforms that conduct trainings to improve our skillset. You may be able to enter a new-to-you field and obtain training. Or you may be able to enter a company leveraging your existing skills and expand within the organization through skill development, learning and mentoring.

There are a lot of things for sure to consider before you take up a new job. Clarify things like working hours, availability expectations for the given hybrid workspace situation, meeting cultures when you are moving to a new country or a state, find out if you can set your personal life boundaries. If your source of unhappiness is financial, now is the time you ask if the company can make compensation adjustments.

Are you having the courage to get to a new place but don’t know where to start? I know it can be hard to do it all ourselves, we could take help from the services & consultancies. They give exposure with different environments and technologies. Its time you work on yourself, work to define you. This Employee’s market with last for a long time. You have a whole life to keep learning and to achieve things you want to.


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